Providing a safe working environment for our employees, our partner's employees and client’s employees is a top priority for us. Mining Consultants has developed a comprehensive safety program for all applications of our products and services.

Mining Consultants is a diversified services firm specializing in expediting quality projects throughout the mining community. These projects range from site location, reserve analysis, design, construction, silica sand plant management, quality control, and plant production consultation.

Our highly experienced field supervisory team consistently delivers projects per specified design requirements, in budget and on time.

Mining Consultants’ reputation is built upon competence, integrity, honesty, and an unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedication to preserving a team attitude and the transition of that to our vendor relationships has resulted in the ability to provide clients with a product and service that will give them a superior advantage in the mining industry.

Maintaining a strong professional relationship with our partners and clients is extremely important to us and we realize that this is a vital part of delivering the best long-term product to our customers.