Mining Consultants
Mining Consultants provides services that will enhance operational efficiency of existing mine facilities. We will provide a detailed cost benefit analysis highlighting the potential savings and improved efficiencies.
  • Streamline mining and overburden removal through the use of overland conveyors. Separation and handling of fines from waste water discharge.
  • Elimination of target product loss in waste water discharge.
  • Separation of all production waste (325 mesh minus silt) from a sellable by-product during standard production.
  • Develop drainage system for more timely and efficient dewatering of wet target products.
  • Eliminate wear and production issues at dryers and bag houses.
  • Alleviation of all undesirables (overs and unders) in target products after dryers and prior to silos.
  • Develop silo system to allow deposit of target products to any selected silo.