Your Complete Resource
from the Ground Up

Mining Consultants has forged it’s identity as an industry leader by operating with an intentional focus to identify and understand the client’s desires and objectives and fully deliver upon expectations. We accomplish this by obtaining a clear understanding of the client’s purpose and project goals and then assigning industry leaders with task specific expertise to the project from conception to completion. Mining Consultants is a team of highly experienced industry leaders with tremendous first-hand experience performing reserve identification, evaluation and procurement, mine planning, process and production methods selection, project management and owner representation services, and litigation support.

Our services

We are committed to excellence at every level driven by an intentional focus and delivering project execution by industry experts. With a deep history of firsthand experience paired with a culture of integrity, we are confident in our ability to deliver on client expectations whether in the boardroom, the courtroom, or the control room.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve the construction material and industrial sands industries as a trusted partner in identifying and evaluating reserves, mine planning, and assessing, selecting, and implementing operational tools and methods, whereby assisting our clients to achieve excellence at all levels in their respective operations.

What we do

In an industry with various, often sudden headwinds, we have found much traction by holding fast to our commitment to excellence and integrity in all we do, from resource identification, analysis, planning, and procurement to selection of operational methods to litigation support and testimony. We are founded on experience, built on integrity.

Expertise where it matters most

There is no substitute or shortcut to experience and expertise is derived through deliberate practice. Our leadership team originated in the operational segment of the industry obtaining deep experience and allowing for deliberate practice to be a daily reality. “The journey to truly superior performance is neither for the faint of heart nor for the impatient.” (Harvard Business Review) By implementing perfected methods and a focused intentional approach to all we do, our clients are benefactors of “superior performance” results!